Update: meeting to vote on Electoral Board of N26 GmbH on the 14th of August still happening

N26 has filed another restraining order to prevent today’s Electoral Board Selection for N26 GmbH, this time against the union ver.di. As such, IG Metall has stepped in to chair today’s meeting. It will take place at the same venue, with the time delayed so people can make it.

The same legal protections apply: all employees of N26 GmbH are free to attend without repercussions.

Update: meeting to vote on Electoral Board still happening

As you probably heard, N26 has arranged for an injunction against the original signatories of the invitation to the meeting for voting on the Electoral Boards of N26 Operations GmbH and N26 GmbH. This means that the original signatories are prevented from conducting the meeting.

However, ver.di, the union supporting the Works Council process, has offered to chair the meeting themselves. Therefore, the elections are still happening at the same time and same place:

Hofbräu Wirtshaus Berlin, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 30, 10178 Berlin

  • N26 Ops GmbH: 1 to 4 pm on Thursday (13th August)
  • N26 GmbH: 10 am to 1pm on Friday (14th August)

The fact that the union is chairing the meeting is fully according to German law, so employees still have a legal right to attend without any repercussions. Attendance + getting to the venue and back to the office counts as working time. The company may not prevent any employee from attending the meeting.

The venue has a fully compliant Health & Safety concept, which will naturally be respected. You can read the most important aspects of it in our FAQ.

Of course, the original signatories will not be present, following the injunction. But they can still be voted for to serve on the Electoral Board in their absence, as can any employee who volunteers at the meeting.

We are regularly updating the FAQ with your questions. Check it out!

And, if you have questions, comments, or simply want to send us messages of encouragement, you can reach us by email or on Twitter!

Why do we need a Works Council at N26?

Trust and confidence in the management of N26 ensuring the wellbeing of the workforce as a whole is at an all time low, and the results of the latest Engagement Survey are disheartening. We have seen that our management is aware of the discontent of employees. Measures such as the establishment of an Employee Experience team to help mitigate this discontent is a positive first step, but it is not enough. One of the most powerful feedback that has come out of the Engagement Survey is that the responses have been angry rather than productive and so cannot be taken into account.

Contrary to the management’s interpretation, we believe the tone of the responses is evidence that many employees feel strongly about improving work life at N26, and that there’s a need for a medium to properly communicate and discuss company issues and concerns without management pressure. This is where the Works Council comes in.

The next step now is to elect the members of the Works Council. N26 GmbH will select an electoral board on 14 August 2020 and N26 Operations GmbH will select an electoral board on 13 August 2020. After this initial meeting the process will begin to elect candidates to a Works Council.

There will be an online information/Q&A session held soon. We will post details on how to join here and via other channels.